Lord Lakulish Spiritual Lineage

The chronological synopsis of spiritual history in brief

‘Lord Lakulish’ was re-incarnated as Yogeshwar, 28th incarnation of Lord ‘Shiva’, approximately 4,500 years ago; at Mahatirth, Kayavaronan, India.


1913 AD- Lord Lakulish initiated Swami Pranvanandji in ‘Divine Yoga’ at Haridwar, India.

Pranvanandji, second in line after Lord Lakulish; practiced ‘Divine Yoga’ overcame/won over hunger & thirst. He attained Divine Body.

1913 AD- Swami Kripaluanandaji was born. When Pranvanandji left his body, Lord Lakulish entered that purified body. Thus assuming the body of Pranvanandji, he came to Mambai (Bombay) in 1931 AD and first appeared to Bapuji in Shiva Temple at Bhuleshwar to save him from planned sducidal act. Swami Pranvanandji initiated Bapuji at age 18, in 1931 AD, in Bombay (Mumbai), India. There after, 40 years of sanyasi/sadhak and spiritual teachings to general public who became follower of Bapuji. Thus Bapuji became Kulguru, third in line.

1956 AD- Lord lakulish gave darshan (appearance in devine form) to Bapuji during meditation; and gave divine command to follow.

Two huge tasks/mission of major works of actions:

  1. 1.To construct a new ‘Lakulish’ temple and reactivate the ancient pilgrimage place of Mahatirth Kayavarahan, Gujarat, India

  2. 2.To propagate the spiritual principles of Sanatan Dharma in India and abroad for the resurgence of the ancient Indian spiritual culture.

1974 AD- Bapuji dedicated/opened the temple completed, the first part of the task/mission; Mahatirth Kayavarahan rejuvanated.

Bapuji continued, along with his yoga sadhana; strived to achieve the second part of the divine mission, through the teachings of yogic principles religious and spiritual, to revive the ancient Indian spiritual culture.


1931 AD- Swami Rajarshi was born.

1971 AD- Bapuji initiated Rajarshi Muni on the path of Shaktipata Kundalini Yoga (Divine Yoga).


1942 AD- Thakor Patel was born. Through 1959-1971, he struggled to grow-up in Bombay (Mumbai), India (life similar to Bapuji’s younger years before his initiation). He lived a few blocks away from the temple at Bhuleshvar where Pranvanandji first appeared to save Bapuji from his planned suicidal act. The growing-up period ended in taking up yoga first time in 1971 at Bombay (Mumbai) before departing to USA (not knowing that Bapuji was giving Shaktipat around that time period).

1973 AD- Thakor Patel was initiated by Bapuji at Mahatirth Kayavarohan, India.


1982 AD- Bapuji left his body/took Mahasamadhi. Rajarshi Muni became the fourth ‘Kulguru’ in line/lineage.


1993 AD- Lord Lakulish gave first Darshan to Rajarshi Muni in divine form and commanded him to advance the task of cultural resurgence left unfinished by his Guru Swami Kripalvanand. To do this, swami Rajarshi Muni has established the Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission (Life Mission). Through this mission the work of securing the spiritual welfare of mankind and turning the attention of people towards spiritual and cultural values is being carried on. Swami Rajarshi Muni has accepted a voluntary cut in hissecluded yoga practice and has launched a campaign for world-wide reawakening of people towards moral, cultural and spiritual values.

2007 AD- Lord Lakulish appeared to Rajarshi Muni second time in divine form and commanded him to pursue secluded sadhana to attain ‘Divine Body’ and to make arrangements so that the work of cultural revival that has been started continues, providing necessary inspiration and guidance to the devotees of the ‘Pravritty Marg’ (house holders’ path) to carry this task forward. Lord Lakulish disappeared after giving two mysterious symbols which are associated with ‘Lakulish’ form, as the identifying symbols of Lord Lakulish spiritual lineage.


Amazingly, since 1975 AD as I formally started teaching yoga after seeking permission from Bapuji, my life mission was set exactly as Bapuji;s life mission was set by Dadaji (Lord Lakulish) in 1956 AD; that which I realized years later when I read through the books about Bapuki by Rajarshi Muni. It has been a fulfilling journey as per Dadaji’s commands, and that I have been able to do my sadhana and conducted spiritual programs and services, within the limits of householder’s path.

Such Karmic opportunity rarely comes/ strikes one!

The confirmable experiences of the path of divine yoga is universal.

I pray to Lord, to remain as your servant, for the remainder of my life time/span under your graceful blessings.

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan!

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